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On this page, you will find information About Me, and, underneath, About Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy.

About Me

I am a qualified, certified and registered hypnotherapist and a member of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis, meaning I am supervised by, and adhere to their principles and guidelines including their Code of Conduct and Ethics. This is the UK's professional body for Clinical Hypnotherapy, whose aim is to promote and assure high standards in the practice of hypnotherapy.

I studied Clinical Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy at the London College of Clinical Hypnosis (accredited by the Royal College of Nursing (RCN), Greenwich University, the Open University and Thames Valley University), where I obtained my Cert. Clin. Hyp. and am awaiting Post Graduate Certification in Clinical Hypnosis. I supervise and tutor hypnotherapy students for the combined LCCH / TVU Faculty of Health and Human Sciences Certification in Clinical Hypnotherapy at the Birkbeck University, ensuring safe practice. In 2009, I started working for the London College of Clinical Hypnosis, as part of a small group of doctors and clinical hypnotherapists with a wide variety of specialisations. Being part of this group, whilst working on the frontier of academic developments in clinical hypnosis in Britain, exchanging knowledge and ideas on a weekly basis, allows me unique insights and a platform for professional and personal growth. In 2009 I obtained the first invitation from the NHS to put forward clinical recommendations for future NHS health policies.

Furthermore, I am a qualified breathing instructor, teaching breathing-techniques to patients suffering from Panic Disorder (e.g. panic attacks and anxiety) for over 10 years. Where beneficial, I teach my patients these specialised breathing techniques which are scientifically proven to relax the body and mind by influencing the Sympathetic Nervous System and the Parasympathetic Nervous System, slowing down brain-waves, blood-flow and heart-rate to a natural, comfortable level. My background is in coaching, corporate talent management, psychology and organisational psychology and communication management. Furthermore I trained in Autogenics (an advanced relaxation technique), Hypno-analysis (hypnotherapy & psychoanalysis combined in one therapy), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and integrate these approaches in my hypnotherapy practice where relevant.

I believe in constant personal and professional development; I continuously invest in study and research. I researched a wide range of psychology-related subjects, and written papers on a variety of approaches in psychology, hypnosis, hypnotherapy and psychotherapy, which are all available for you to read. I also believe in independence and the power of self-reliance; this is why, as a standard procedure, at session two, I will teach you self-hypnosis, so you have the tools to start healing yourself.

I was born and raised in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and I have been living and practising in London for over 11 years. I work in Harley Street (London), in Fulham (London), East Dulwich (London), and Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

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About Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is a natural state of heightened awareness, which helps you to make positive changes in your life. We all experience hypnosis several times a day, for example when emerged in an activity that requires all our conscious or subconscious concentration, such as playing a game of chess or sports, reading a good book, a routine car journey and so on. People who have experienced hypnotherapy, describe the hypnotic trance state as a relaxing, pleasant and calming experience.

Also, regardless of what stage hypnosis may suggest, when in hypnosis, you are fully in control! See FAQ.

Hypnotherapy is a safe, quick and cost-effective therapy that can sort out anxiety, depression, phobias, skin problems, IBS, smoking addiction and hundreds of more symptoms and complaints (see Symptoms). Hypnotherapy is generally a quick and cost-effective therapy, because with the majority of symptoms, we target the conditioned response (the unwanted behaviour) directly, helping you to break patterns and, for instance in case of a phobia or OCD (obsessive Compulsive Disorder) hand over the control of your imagination back to your conscious will. Often, the symptom you are experiencing, whether emotional or physical, is a result of a deeper underlying cause. It is at these deeper levels of consciousness that a hypnotherapist works with you, to bring about change in the way you feel, think and behave, according to your own goals. This does not mean we spend our sessions digging for memories; on the contrary! (Please see FAQ.)

Hypnosis has been around for thousands of years, and has been integrated in the national UK health system, among others with hypnosis clinics in both NHS and private hospitals, in GP practices and in dental practices. The physical and mental benefits of hypnosis have been scientifically proven.

In my opinion, it is the most diverse and effective therapy around, especially in combination with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), in which I am trained. See FAQ.

For treatment time and number of sessions required, please see FAQ.

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